Kim Kardashian and her berry


So last week I ordered my full pink housing for my bold. It should get here within the next week or so. I can’t wait. I have already changed my trackball from the OEM white to a black, so I doubt it will be much more different than that. I will post pics the second I get it on. For now here’s a picture of the housing itself.

My current and beloved theme

This is the theme I have on my Bold right now It is from BBBM Themes- Diamond Sketch, and it is just great. It has a full screen hidden today, which I love because without my blackberry calendar, I am LOST. I do wish the theme was pink as opposed to blue, but oh well 🙂 It works great with dark wallpaper.

She doesn’t do many Bold 9000 themes, but the ones she does are gorgeous! Check her out, she is extremely talented!

Hello BB world!!!

So I’m finally doing it. After the countless comments from my family and friends I am starting my own Blackberry blog. Over the past year I have become what most people would classify as “obsessed” with my blackberry. And instead of keeping it all inside my head; or worse annoying my family and friends with it, I am going to be posting things on here YAY!!!

So hang tight, and enjoy. And welcome to the world according to me, and my blackberry!